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June 09, 2010


Mike Sullivan

Jesse, when you say you "won't consider any other significant, direct competitors" did you mean you don't want to or that you couldn't find any you felt were direct competitors?

I think you overlooked Next Analytics for Excel, a relative newcomer on the web analytics scene, but a long-time analytics company. We go well beyond simply querying the GA API, providing a lot of analytics features and capabilities usually reserved for the high-end tools. Our newest offering is an Excel plugin with an integrated Google Analytics query capability for under $200.

That extra can save you far more time and provide far better analysis of your data.

Well worth the look -

Lars Johansson

Thanks for reviewing Excellent Analytics, Jesse.

I think you make some fair points. Something to remember about Excellent Analytics is that it is free and to date we have not had any developer working on it for free. We have, in other words, invested money (our own time and payment to developers), for a product to the benefit of thousands of users. We have even declined donations.

The good news is that a new and even more improved version is on its way.

What I would like to see from the community is some more help in terms of beta testing, development, etc. Still don't want any financial donations.. Would rather get brains. :)

Ward Yaternick

My colleague's comment is now two months old with no reply from you.

If you want to position this blog entry as a review of GA Excel Products, readers should know they should also consider Next Analytics, even if you don`t have time to look at it. I think that would be fair, don't you?

BTW, I thought Tatvic's price of $199 was a subscription per YEAR wasn`t it?

Steve Adler

Any updates on this post and the state of plug in Excel Spreadsheets for GA? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

גני אירועים

Great technical post! The end result is a tool that is easy to get the speed, which allows you to quickly update the reports when they are built.

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