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February 03, 2010


John Hodson

I haven't had many of the types of problems with the Excel Client as you have described but I will say it has been "buggy" from an interface perspective. My concern is that my company's contract with Omniture includes unlimited Excel Client licenses and while we don't use that many; I'd had to loose a decent free tool & have to start paying for Report Builder even if it is better.

I hope that Omniture deals with this transition properly and takes care of it's customers who might be forced to migrate over.

Jesse Gross


I don't think you have anything to worry about. You'll need to check with your Omniture rep, but from what I understand most clients should be able to swap EC licenses for ORB licenses at no additional cost.

Omniture has also promised that if a transition is to occur it will be slow (based on what I know now, my quoted time frame seems totally unrealistic) and will be done so in a way that puts the client's needs first.


Josh Dannemann

I agree that the Site Catalyst Excel Toolbar has more than a few issues, but phasing it out with no adequate replacement is a proposition that I find to be out of the question. Especially so considering that the solution to the aforementioned problem of data blocks timing out (Refresh all bug) is so simple that it calls for a smack on the forehead: disable the background refresh. A simple macro to throttle the refresh also helps and I understand all to well the allergy the IT community has to VBA. It's the reason I keep finding a job. I write Excel integrated tools with VBA and .NET and the beauty of the Site Catalyst Excel Toolbar is that it brings most of the functionality of a full-fledged API to Excel without actually having to work with an API. The tools I write then enable us to refresh something along the lines of eight hundred queries every night.

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In Microsoft Word, these types of custom changes are saved in a system file or template called Installing Acrobat or Acrobat Elements 7.0 can prevent Word from automatically saving these changes.

קורס איפור

I like that maintains two Omniture Excel integration tools in the future, this movement is strongly suggestive that the ORB is the integration of Omniture Excel tool for the future.


In the first months after the launch of Omniture has an ideal configuration with a tool that could be used as a carrot to entice customers to SiteCatalyst HBX and persistent. Built in limited population to beta test.


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