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July 12, 2009


Michael Halbrook


It was great to read this just this week - with today's launch of Omniture Insight (formerly Discover OnPremise) eminent. With the added features of v5.3 that empower architects & administrators to take their analysis server clusters to new levels and an improved interface that makes it easier for new analysts to learn the ropes, I'd argue that Omniture Insight is the answer to the challenge that you suggested for us at Omniture.

I'm pretty sure you caught it but just in case, the press release is here:

In addition, the new product page is here:

And I have a new entry on the Omniture Blog touting three different dataset schemas, each integrating different types of offline data in larger installs like you talk about in this post. The blog entry is here:


Jesse Gross


Thanks for your comment. I encourage my readers to check out Omniture Insight.

Though, I have to warn them that Discover OnPremise was hardly a subsitute for SiteCatalyst. DOP certainly got kudos for being a steller analysts tool, but it really was only designed for the most advanced user and had significant limitations in the reporting capabilities. The tool was not one were you could provide access to a wide variety of users and expect them to gather their own metrics, as is common with SiteCatalyst. DOP also does not provide any tool resembling Excel Client, so reporting is limited to prefab DOP dashboards or data dumps.

I have concerns that the Omniture Insight release is more of a rebrand than a major overhaul. I'll hold my judgment whether Omniture Insight is the answer to Omniture's high volume issues until after I use the tool, but at this point I'm skeptical.

Michael Halbrook


You raise absolutely fair concerns. I started as a client user back when it was still "VS" and faced some of the issues you mention in my own organization.

I think that as you explore it, you'll find Insight to be more than a rebrand. The interface updates alone; particularly the side bar, make the tool a lot easier to ramp new users into.

You're right that the idea of Insight is certainly not to replace SiteCatalyst for most day-to-day reporting users. I would suggest, though, that the larger customers you mention in your post DO have a set of advanced analysts overlayed on top of the day-to-day reporters that will find Insight attractive and powerful for their needs. I've seen it time and again at larger organizations.

Great interchange - thanks for your ongoing posts and discussion in this space.


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