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November 03, 2008


Adam Greco

The following is an alternative approach. I would pass a list of ID's corresponding to the six ads presented on a page to the Omniture Products variable (separated by commas) and set an "Impressions" success event. That would allow you to pull a report that shows how many impressions each ad ID received. Then when a user clicks on one of the Ads, I would capture that Ad ID in the Products variable (by itself) and set a "Clicks" success event. This will aloww you to create a calculated metric that divides Clicks by Impressions to see the Click-through rate for each Ad ID by opening the Products report using the two success events just mentioned. At the same time, I would pass the ID of the Ad that gets clicked to an eVar so that you can see what website success events took place after the Ad was clicked (since the Products variable isn't persistent). Finally, as was mentioned by Jesse, use SAINT to classify the Ad ID's in both the Products varioable and the eVar to group Ads into buckets (i.e. Hero, Tower, etc...). This approach should limit the number of variables needed and takes advantage of the full subrelations of the products variable, while providing the desire data...

Knut Sorli

Hi Jesse, im trying this again.

Below is the code i use to try to capture impressions, clicks and CTR. Im having problems implementing it into the code so that the reports will give me the right figures.

I wonder if oyu would have time to help me out with this.

-------------Code on Link-------------

-------------------------Code of Site Catalyst-----------

var s_account = 'cbmjobbguiden';


/Kindest Regards

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good informatic post

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